Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Market, To Market

On Saturday we attended our first market in Windsor.
We met some lovely people, and some new customers.
Thank you to all who came to meet us.

 We also had the pleasure of Ruth from Foxglove Spires joining us with her new Children's book.  Her  precious Princess also made some gorgeous bracelets especially for the day. 
They were a huge success!!!

Then came our  coffee and chocolaty fruit delights to finish off the day!
Definitely a wonderful end to the day, shared with family and friends.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet us at the Markets on Saturday 18th December

Saturday 18th December 2010
9am - 1pm
Windsor RSL and Community Markets
Windsor RSL
Cnr of Argyle and Mileham St
 Shop-FMSeymour will be at the Windsor RSL & Community Markets on Saturday.
We are located at the indoor section of the markets.
Air conditioning to keep you cool from the sun, 
and shelter should it rain :-)

 And....  Guess who will be joining us?

Ruth from Foxglove Spires
to sell and sign her beautiful books.

With a FREE fresh water pearl bracelet.
(while stocks last).

A perfect gift for your little Princess.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Foxglove Spires First Book Signing Event

 It was a fabulous weekend.
A time to celebrate a special book signing!!!
A wonderful day to watch my sister with pride
As customers and friends came to talk with the Author,
and have their precious book signed.
With a special gift of a pearl bracelet for their own little  princesses to find.
 And now you too can purchase Princess Sofia & The Invitation, with a free pearl bracelet as a special gift.
A free bracelet will be sent with your purchase  while stocks last.
Click here for more details.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marlene's Easy Fragrant Herbal Gifts

 Have you ever wanted to make your own herbal fragrant gifts for your family and friends, that are not only pleasurable to use, but good for you and our environment as well?
I found a wonderful web site I wanted to share with you all, while I was looking for natural alternatives to skin care and foundation products.
Make Your Own Skin Products
Marlene has a wealth of information and free recipies on her blog spot to try as well.

Marlene Daniels, who trained in her native France  is a third generation beautician, herbal home remedies specialist, herbalist, aromatherapist and soap maker.  Marlene runs work shops and correspondence courses, and has written many ebooks, to teach people how to make their own natural skin care and makeup  products that are actually good for them.
Marlene has also released her new 38 page ebook .
Just in time to start making your gifts for the holiday season.
I purchased one and am looking forward to making some fragrant gifts.  The book is set out wonderfullly with easy to follow instructions and illustrations.
"Marlene founded Soapconscious in 2002, a business dedicated  to demystify the Cosmetic Industry, and offer 100% natural quality products."
To find out more about Marlene please visit her web site

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet Us at the Market

Shop-FMSeymour will be at the markets in December. 
We'd love to see you there. 

Saturday 18th December 2010
9am - 1pm
Windsor RSL and Community Markets
Windsor RSL
Cnr of Argyle and Mileham St

 Why not pick  up a gift for the babies & ladies in your lives :-)


For the bath, body & candle lovers.

Arriving for the markets .....  These gorgeous hand-made essential oil candles, bath salts and soaps will be available to purchase in packs, or individually .

 We will be adding these essential oil candles, soaps, bath salts and lip balms to our shop early in 2011.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Children's Book Relase

My sister at Foxglove Spires has just announced her Children's Book release date for 11/1/2011.
Princess Sofia & the Invitation
To find out a little about her book click here
You can now purchase pre-release books from Tate Publishing, and the ebook version is also available to buy online.  In the weeks to come there will be a
Special from the Author!!
A select number of signed copies to purchase and also a limited edition bracelet that comes with the book (while stocks last).  
This offer is only available buying direct from the author.

So, come back soon for more info on how you can purchase your signed book and bracelet from the Author before it's official release date!!  Or it you can't wait, head on over to Tate Publishing to get your copy today.

A great gift idea for your little princess :-)

You can also visit the Author at her blog spot Foxglove Spires
A delightful blog full of stories, pearls of wisdom, poems, her secret garden and the treasure chest, where you are sure to find an abundance of gems and precious jewels!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Comming Soon

Keep your eye out for these new additions to our shop.

Our new sunglasses cases in five stylish prints, along with matching cases for  your phones, gadgets, or even to carry your makeup while you're out for the day.

Now we couldn't resist with this next addition.  We have the gorgeous candles and soy melts, so this oil burner seemed to fit in nicely with our candle range.
I had to test one out, just to see how good it was :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Words of Inspiration

"The positive thinker sees the invisible,
feels the intangible,
and achieves the impossible".

Please feel free to leave your words of inspiration or comments.  We'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get Your FREE Sample!!

The rest of our gorgeous Australian made natural soy candles have arrived, and will be added to our site latter today. 
We have a small selection of sample tea lights available, so if you are interested in purchasing a certain scent, but would like to try it out first, please email Shop-FMSeymour
with the scent that you would like to try, and we will send you out one free sample tea light candle.

The Aroma Oil Scents that we currently stock are:
Berry Delicious
Black Raspberry
French Pear
French Vanilla
Green Tea & Jasmin

  If you do have a certain preference, or something you would love to try in aroma oil scents, or essential oil scents do leave a comment or contact us, and we will do our best to make it available to you.  
We will also be trying new scents from time to time, so make sure to come back and see whats on offer at our online store.

So, what do you think of the scents listed above?  We would love to hear your thoughts.  What is your all time favourite candle scent?
I personally love Black Raspberry, different blends of vanilla, and my new favourite would have to be french pear.  When lit you get a hint of spices and cinnamon.  Mm it's lovely! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Candle Updates

Wow, I had ordered in some natural soy candles and melts, and just as they arrived a customer of ours scooped up most of the melts, and asked if we had more!!!  I have reordered some more, and a couple of new aroma oil scents to try too.  The stock we do have will be listed on our web site very soon.

Okay, what scents do we have you ask?
We have Black Raspberry, French Vanilla and Green Tea & Jasmin.
Scents to come are:
Berry Delicious & French Pear.
They come in Melts, Large Bean Pots and Small Metros.

We have also ordered in a small amount of samples for people who are interested in purchasing our candles via the Internet, but would like a sample to try first.  They should be here any  day now, so check back soon to get your free sample tea light.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gorgeous Scents

Do you adore the scents of aroma oils floating through your house?  I know I do!
An order of natural soy candles, made here in Australia  is due to arrive at Shop-FMSeymour in the next two weeks.  I'll be posting as soon as they are in, so all of you candle lovers, make sure to come back and visit us soon, to find out what we have in store.
So that you can be sure that you will like the scent you are purchasing, we will have a small amount of sample soy melts available for people who are interested in purchasing our candles.

We will also be adding some more Accessories over the next few weeks and months, so don't forget to come back often.  Feel free to leave comments and feedback, even if you are not a customer of Shop-FMSeymour.  We love to hear from you all.

Come back soon to find out how you can get a free sample of the new soy candles with aroma oil scents, that we will be stocking.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Baby Accessories for Shop-FMSeymour

We have just received an order of Babies Accessories, with some new prints.  They will be up for sale on our site tomorrow, but until then, here are some samples for you to have a look at.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Welcome to our blog!
Here you can find out about Shop-FMSeymour's new & up coming collections.
View new product pictures & information before they are added for sale on our website.
Leave comments & feedback on our blog and our products available at www.shopfmseymour.com.au
Even if you aren't a customer, but just want to leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!
Currently Shop-FMSeymour caters for the Babies & the Ladies in our lives, but we will be broadening our product range soon and adding more accessories, natural candles, and body products for women, children and men.