Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Comming Soon

Keep your eye out for these new additions to our shop.

Our new sunglasses cases in five stylish prints, along with matching cases for  your phones, gadgets, or even to carry your makeup while you're out for the day.

Now we couldn't resist with this next addition.  We have the gorgeous candles and soy melts, so this oil burner seemed to fit in nicely with our candle range.
I had to test one out, just to see how good it was :-)


  1. The sunglass case looks wonderful and I like the sound of the matching cases!, can't wait to see your other prints.

    This oil burner is very stylish, simple and classic, so beautiful.

    Thank you for sneak peek, have a beautiful week. xxx

  2. Hi Foxglove. Thank you, I'll let you know when they are up on my site.
    Yes, I'm loving the oil burner :-)It's nice to use too, not messy, as it has a deep dish so the oils and melts don't run over the sides.
    I hope you have a lovely week too, I'm just going to read your post for today.

  3. Gorgeous...Awesome treasures...beautiful!Yay..such a lovely sneek peek!! Shine on!

    and thanks for your lovely words and visits!
    Have a sparkling week ahead!

  4. Thank you Victoria. Glad you liked the sneek peek :-)

    Have a gorgeous rest of the week, with lots of treasures to find!!