Thursday, September 9, 2010

Candle Updates

Wow, I had ordered in some natural soy candles and melts, and just as they arrived a customer of ours scooped up most of the melts, and asked if we had more!!!  I have reordered some more, and a couple of new aroma oil scents to try too.  The stock we do have will be listed on our web site very soon.

Okay, what scents do we have you ask?
We have Black Raspberry, French Vanilla and Green Tea & Jasmin.
Scents to come are:
Berry Delicious & French Pear.
They come in Melts, Large Bean Pots and Small Metros.

We have also ordered in a small amount of samples for people who are interested in purchasing our candles via the Internet, but would like a sample to try first.  They should be here any  day now, so check back soon to get your free sample tea light.



  1. The candles are truly beautiful so elegante and stylish. and Oh all the different scents, I have smelt some of these and they are beautiful not overpowering at all, perfect!

    What a beautiful thing to offer samples first, so thoughtful thank you.

  2. Foxglove, thank you so much for your comments. They are lovely are'nt they? Which is your favourite?
    Mine is the Black Raspberry.

  3. That is a hard decision..... I like them all but I think my two favourite would be French Vanilla and French Pear they are truly heavenly!!!!!

    Have a lovely evening. xx