Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marlene's Easy Fragrant Herbal Gifts

 Have you ever wanted to make your own herbal fragrant gifts for your family and friends, that are not only pleasurable to use, but good for you and our environment as well?
I found a wonderful web site I wanted to share with you all, while I was looking for natural alternatives to skin care and foundation products.
Make Your Own Skin Products
Marlene has a wealth of information and free recipies on her blog spot to try as well.

Marlene Daniels, who trained in her native France  is a third generation beautician, herbal home remedies specialist, herbalist, aromatherapist and soap maker.  Marlene runs work shops and correspondence courses, and has written many ebooks, to teach people how to make their own natural skin care and makeup  products that are actually good for them.
Marlene has also released her new 38 page ebook .
Just in time to start making your gifts for the holiday season.
I purchased one and am looking forward to making some fragrant gifts.  The book is set out wonderfullly with easy to follow instructions and illustrations.
"Marlene founded Soapconscious in 2002, a business dedicated  to demystify the Cosmetic Industry, and offer 100% natural quality products."
To find out more about Marlene please visit her web site


  1. Such lovely flowers and your post about Marlene is fabulous. I have always been interested in making skin care, especial with ingredients that are good for the skin! Thank you for the link this site looks wonderful.

    Have a beautiful week. xxx

  2. Thank you Foxglove. Marlene's sites are wonderful. I have tried some of her face masks as well with great results. The natural yoghurt and honey mask is a favourite :-)and I'm looking forward to try the others.
    Have a fabulous week.

  3. Marlene Daniels is plagiarizing a well-known blogger and has had to take down her website, Facebook page etc. as a result. Anyone in contact with her should definitely investigate this issue to avoid potential legal problems and may want to reconsider being associated with a person who has exhibited such unethical behaviour.

    Here is a link to get you started: