Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Baby Accessories for Shop-FMSeymour

We have just received an order of Babies Accessories, with some new prints.  They will be up for sale on our site tomorrow, but until then, here are some samples for you to have a look at.


  1. I love all of these, especially the china doll sets, how gorgeous!! I wish I had some babies to buy for. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  2. I absolutely love these new additions to your babies accessories. The china dolls are exquisite. The wash cloths would make a nice addition for my bathroom to pretty it up. I'm sure anyone looking at your site will say "I want to see more" and inspire them to buy. I love that they all match from the wash clothes to the diaper bags. Imaging having all the china doll sets. Beautiful Thank you for putting on a blog spot

  3. Thank you Foxglove Spires and Beth, for stopping by and posting a comment. I'm glad you like the sets and fabrics. Yes, they are gorgeous. I was very pleased when the order came in, the sets look so fresh, just in time for Spring.