Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's Wonderful World of Waldorf

Welcome to 
Wednesday's Wonderful World of Waldorf.

It's time for some Watercolour painting, using the watercolour wet-on-wet painting technique,
where you sponge or soak the paper with water, and paint directly onto it allowing the colours to merge, mix and weave together.

Some Poems to Inspire

Blue was so happy in the Sky
And the Sun was so warm with Spring
They reached down to touch the Earth
And as they did they noticed each other
They joined hands to dance
Giving a bit of themselves, one to the other
And where they touched
Green appeared.

© by Ruth McCarthy

The Sun & Sky awoke the next day
And to their surprise
Red appeared
The Blooming of the Flowers

© by Ruth McCarthy

The finished painting
Red mixed with yellow and blue 
to make the Colours of Spring

We'll see you again next Wednesday in Waldorf World.

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